A dynamic and interactive psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Ellis has over 5,000 satisfied clients to her credit in her 30 year career.  A combination of professional achievement and dedication to the strength of the family has marked Dr. Ellis’ career as a psychologist.  She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, How to Raise a Responsible Child.  She has been quoted as a parenting authority in McCall’s, Ladies Home Journal, Parents, Reader’s Digest, Working Mother, Sesame Street Parents Magazine and numerous syndicated newspaper columns.

“Parenting a teen can be a very tough job.”

Today’s parents are worried about getting their teens through high school successfully, keeping them safe and out of trouble, and helping them to develop good judgment about their friends and their experimentation with drugs and alcohol. 

Is your teen struggling in school?

I’d like to help him or her with

  • psychoeducational testing for learning and attention problems
  • coaching in time management, study skills, and organizational strategies

Is your teen having problems with depression?  Mood swings?  Cutting?

I’d like to help him or her with

  • counseling in how to solve peer problems
  • family therapy to resolve conflicts at home
  • coaching in how to manage emotional ups and downs

Is your teen involved with juvenile court?

I can help with

  • a psychological evaluation for the court
  • goal setting and developing good judgment in high risk situations

“Going through a divorce may be the most
painful experience of your life.”


If you are contemplating a divorce, I can help with

  • marital counseling to try and put the pieces back together
  • divorce coaching to guide you through the process successfully
  • divorce adjustment counseling to help you transition to a new phase of life

Are you caught up in a battle over custody of the children?  If so, I can help you

  • as a court-appointed custody evaluator
  • as a court-appointed evaluator of adults for parental fitness
  • as a court-appointed evaluator of children for sexual abuse, parental alignment and parental alienation
  • as an expert to the court on issues of child and family psychology and changing family dynamics in divorce

“Even the best of parents have children whose
behavior falls outside the norm sometimes.”


Are you worried about your child who consistently does poorly in school?  Do you frequently get notes about his behavior at school?  Have you been concerned about whether she is developing normally?

I can help with

  • A comprehensive psychoeducational and developmental evaluation to pinpoint the source of his/her learning problems and provide classroom and home interventions to address them
  • Evaluation and treatment for oppositional (defiant and argumentative) behavior at school and/or at home
  • Evaluation and treatment for anxiety and depression, phobias, obsessive compulsive habits, mild autism, and social withdrawal (shyness)

These are some of the services I provide.  I also work with adults who are in crisis or are struggling with ongoing problems with anxiety, depression, and stress management.

In my forensic practice I also do evaluations in personal injury cases (i.e., psychological damages from traumatic events, sexual harassment, etc.) and some criminal cases (evaluations of adults charged with stalking, child abuse, etc.)

As an expert witness and specialist in forensic psychology, Dr. Ellis has spent the better part of two decades providing the clinical insight and scholarly  under-standing of the research literature that the courts depend on.  She has consulted on over 400 court related cases and has been certified as an expert witness in more than a dozen counties.  Attorneys request Dr. Ellis because many of them have seen her testify for the opposition.