Dr. Ellis is the author of two critically acclaimed books, "Raising a Responsible Child," which has been translated into Portugese for distribution in Brazil, and "Divorce Wars." Both are held in high regard by not only her readers, but by her colleagues as well.

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"Raising a Responsible Child"

Today many parents are especially prone to shower their children with love and attention and attempt to minimize stress by doing for them. In the scurry of modern life, parents often can't resist giving in to children's demands or solving their problems just to keep the peace. While this is basically a loving approach, it does not teach children how to be responsible and independent. Parents learn the hard way that their overindulgence does more harm than good: their children will only come to them with more demands and act helpless in the face of new problems.

Some of the issues this book will help you to deal with are:
-- The whiny and overly demanding preschooler
-- The small child who throws tantrums in public to get his way
-- The older child who is inconsiderate of family members
-- The teenager who is constantly late for school
-- The young adult, who can't get her life together and mooches off her parents indefinitely.

"Divorce Wars"

When parents divorce, children are the biggest losers. This book will give both mental health and legal professionals the expert information they need to help families navigate this grave ordeal and improve the outcome for hurting children. Elizabeth M. Ellis provides invaluable, research-based guidance on all stages of divorce cases, beginning with the warning signs of a failing marriage and ending with post divorce conflict surrounding child custody. Written in an accessible and engaging style, each chapter features a detailed case study that vividly depicts problems common to divorcing families and includes clinical guidelines and decision trees for intervention.


"What to Do...About Your Child's Manners"

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