Resources for Adults:


Resources for Parents:, go to "online store"
-self-help books for those with addictive disorders., go to "top 20 books."
-self-help books for those with individual, marital, family problems., go to "psychology"
-professional books on a wide variety of topics.
-another prominent publisher of professional books on topics in mental health.
publisher of self help books for kids, teens. Good resource for church youth group leaders and guidance counselors
-publisher of play therapy materials. Many games and resources may be used by parents, guidance counselors.
-publisher of children's books on mental health topics, to read to children and help them through a crisis. An imprint of APA Books.


Resources for Parents of ADHD children, teens:

Resources for Parents in Divorce Conflicts:, go to "periodicals," go to "psychology," go to "ADHD Report"
-bi monthly newsletters on recent research on ADHD, published by foremost authority in the U.S., Richard Barkley, Ph.D.
-national organization for families of those with ADHD.


Professional Psychology Organizations (American Psychological Association)
Go to "P" for products, then "books" to get a listing of APA Books. (Georgia Psychological Association)
Go to "Psychologist Referral Service."
-American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, premiere group of attorneys who specialize in divorce. Many concepts are explained for the layperson. go to "Sections," go to "Family Law"
-Georgia Bar Association. go to "Sections," go to "Family Law." Also, go to: "Lawyer referral service"
-Atlanta Bar Association.
explains the process of collaborative divorce, a form of resolution which avoids going to court.